Indie gem Loop Hero heads to Switch later this year

Earlier this year, Four Quarters and Devolver Digital made quite a splash with the release of the game Loop Hero. We should get ready for Loop Hero to make another splash because, during today's Indie World Showcase, Nintendo announced that Loop Hero will be coming to the Switch later this year. Unfortunately for us, Loop Hero wasn't one of the handful of games that's getting a surprise release on Switch today.

Instead, Loop Hero will be releasing on Switch sometime this winter. Devolver Digital and Four Quarters didn't get more specific than that in today's reveal, but at least we know Loop Hero will be on Switch before we close the book on 2021.

Release date talk aside, Loop Hero is well worth checking out when it makes its debut on Switch later this year. Speaking as someone who lost a decent chunk of time to game on PC earlier this year, Loop Hero isn't quite like anything I've played before. In Loop Hero, you'll play as a person trying to repair time after an enemy known simply as The Lich cast the world into a timeless loop.

You'll collect resources to rebuild and gear to become stronger by completing loops around randomly generated tracks map, using a deck of cards to place enemies and structures along the loop as your hero traverses it. It's an entertaining game that seems simple on the surface, but once you spend some time with it, you quickly realize there's a lot of depth to it.

So, later this year, the Switch is going to get a fantastic little indie game. The Switch eShop listing for Loop Hero is already live, but sadly, it doesn't show pricing information yet. The hope is that the Switch version will cost the same as the PC version – $14.99 – but sometimes Switch ports wind up costing more than they do on other platforms. We'll let you know when more is revealed about the Switch version of Loop Hero, so stay tuned for that.