Indamixx Studio offers Linux-based netbook configured for music

If you're a big audiophile and are in the market for a netbook, we might just have something for you that fits the bill. The Indamixx Laptop offers up a ton of pre-installed audio software on a Linux-based OS and the entire system falls under $500.

The Indamixx Laptop, from Trinity Audio Group, was announced today and is the perfect choice for DJ's, producers and remixers. It uses an Intel Atom processor and makes it easy to create and broadcast your music on the web.

A unique OS called Transmission and software bundle comes pre-installed, including XT2 and Ardour, to make music production a snap. This netbook is built around music and only music, so the price tag of $499 is really pretty extraordinary. You can pre-order one now with a down payment of $99. All orders made by December 15 will arrive in time for Christmas.