Incoming Meijer PS5 restock will keep the bots at bay

If you're looking for a PlayStation 5 and you happen to live in the Midwest, a good place to look might be Meijer. The supermarket chain has announced that PlayStation 5 will soon be restocked, and this time around, the company is making it impossible for bots to snatch up all the stock. That will be a huge relief to anyone who has tried to purchase one of these consoles online only to be greeted by overwhelmed websites and stock that sells out immediately.

As announced on its Twitter account today, Meijer says that these PlayStation 5 consoles will only be available in its stores. While that might not be the greatest decision considering that we're still in the midst of a pandemic, it does have a silver lining in that it effectively makes it so bots can't purchase any stock at all since Meijer isn't even allowing online ordering with in-store pickup.

Instead, Meijer is prompting customers to call their local stores to see if or when stock is available. When visiting your local store, you should see a sign like the one depicted in the tweet, with details on the date and time the sale is slated to begin, along with the quantity of consoles available.

Of course, the biggest downside here is that Meijer isn't a national chain like Target, Walmart, or Best Buy, but rather a regional one that's limited only to six states in the Midwest: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. That's a fairly limited reach compared to some other retail chains, but if you live in one of those six states we just listed, this could be your best chance yet to get a PlayStation 5.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are still ridiculously difficult to find, and restocks are generally selling out incredibly quickly. As many people focus their efforts on national chains, turning to regional retailers like Meijer could be the key to successfully securing one of these consoles. We'll let you know when more retailers announce restock plans, so stay tuned.