IN Media Tablet PC 7 runs Android, coming next month

The tablet market is starting to get flooded with new Android offerings. IN Media has announced that it has a new Android tablet that will be heading to market next month. While the company offered up most of the specs for the new tablet, it didn't give us a picture to check out.

The tablet will presumably have a 7-inch screen judging by the name and it will run Android 2.2 as the OS. IN Media claims that the new tablet will have the power to support all sorts of gaming apps, business apps, and entertainment services. The tablet is pegged to ship in April.

The MSRP for the tablet will be $199. Features will include a camera, WiFi, and a removable SD card for storage. Bluetooth will be integrated as well. We don't know the key stats like what processor platform the tablet will use and if it will have any internal storage or rely solely on SD cards.

[via Android Community]