In-app purchases featured in Windows Phone 8

A nice new feature that Microsoft is adding to Windows Phone 8 is the ability to conduct in-app purchases. The feature has been part of iOS and Android for some time, and now it's making an appearance in Windows Phone 8. Developers will be able to add the functionality with the new OS, and customers will be able to use financial information stored in the Wallet app to purchase any additional content or upgrades within apps.

The company gave a quick demo on stage, and it works as you would expect. When you try to make an in-app purchase, the Wallet is automatically launched so you can select which credit or debit card to use to fund the purchase. After you confirm and the transaction takes place, you're taken back to the app and your purchase is complete.

It's a small feature in the grand scheme of things, but Microsoft believes it will help developers enormously and accelerate sales in the Marketplace. Make sure to check out all the other information from the Windows Phone Summit in our timeline below.