Impossible Foods preps plant-based chicken nuggets with first taste next week

Next week, Impossible Foods — the company behind the 'bleeding' plant-based burger — will introduce its next big product: faux chicken nuggets. The unveiling will take place at a trade show next week, according to a new report, though the wider premiere won't happen until later this year. The company promises a plant-based nugget product with the same texture as actual chicken.

Impossible Foods is best known for its Impossible Burger, the plant-based beef-like patty that has made its way into a huge number of grocery stores and even some restaurants and fast-food chains. This fall, the company will introduce plant-based chicken nuggets, according to Bloomberg.

Unlike the Impossible Burger, which contains the 'bleeding' ingredient heme, the chicken nuggets will feature sunflower oil and textured soy protein sans the reddish coloring. The product has been in pipeline for quite a while and will, according to the company, offer the same sort of experience you get from actual chicken nuggets.

Impossible Foods has succeeded in bringing a new generation of plant-based food products to consumers — ones that taste distinctly different and more meat-like compared to old-school bean and veggie burgers. The company's Impossible Burger can be found in a plant-based Whopper sandwich at Burger King, for example, and its plant-based sausage is available at Starbucks.

Whether the company's plant-based chicken nuggets will prove as popular as its other offerings is yet to be seen. The images Impossible has shared of its new nuggets product shows a design and breading akin to what you'd expect from commonly available meat-based chicken nuggets, but the flavor remains unclear at this time.