Impossible electric folding bike fits in an ordinary backpack

The "Impossible" bike is making obsolete the days of having to load your bicycle on the bus rack, strap it to poles, and wheel it into storage. Many folding bikes are available, but many of them are cumbersome, and even when folded they're often either still large or are plainly awkward. That isn't the case with Impossible, which folds into a neat frame small enough to fit in an ordinary backpack — and, as a plus, it's electric, able to zip you around for up to 15 or so miles.

At first glance, Impossible looks sort of like a miniature elliptical machine, and that is because its frame is built around circles, something the maker says distribute weight evenly when in use. The frame is made mostly from carbon fiber, though some components are made from steel. This particular model can hold riders who weigh up to 180lbs.

The bike features a disc motor powered by 2900mAh 10A 3.6v batteries, and is able to hit speeds up to 12.4MPH for distances up to 15.6 miles, or about 45 minutes of riding at normal speed. Impossible doesn't have to be pedaled in order to travel.

"Impossible" has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising more than $79,000 CAD out of its $55,000 CAD goal. There are 41 days remaining in the campaign, giving you enough time to snag your own Impossible if you want — you'll need to pledge $460 CAD to get a black model with charger. Shipping is estimated to start in August 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter