Immersion Announces MOTIV Haptics Development Platform

Rue Liu - Feb 10, 2011
Immersion Announces MOTIV Haptics Development Platform

Haptics has become an integral part of UI design when it comes to mobile devices. Those little vibrations and buzzes a user feels when they press a button or stroke a chord in a guitar app, all come together to create a rich interaction between user and device. Immersion, the leading company in this arena, has announced today that they will be releasing a new haptics development platform called MOTIV that will simplify the process of integrating haptics for both OEM manufacturers and app developers.

MOTIV includes several modules targeting different needs. The UI module makes it super easy to integrate haptics into Android OS user interface while the Theme Manager Module allows OEMs to select from a list of themes that can be applied. The Reverb Module allows for haptic feedback effects to be automatically generated based on audio data in an existing application.

The platform will make it easier for developers and OEMs to more quickly integrate haptics into both Android operating systems as well as individual applications for smartphones and tablets. The platform will be officially announced at the Mobile World Conference next week but will not be available until March.

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