Imeuble shelves give me a headache

Shane McGlaun - May 12, 2010
Imeuble shelves give me a headache

Design concepts range from mild to wild and sometimes a good concept takes something as boring as shelves for holding your junk and turns them into something cool. The Imeuble shelves from designer Bjorn Jorund Blikstad give me a headache and freak my eyes out.

When you look at the shelves they appeal to be flat and sideways at once, creating an optical illusion that might make your eyes cross. The odd shelves can actually hold stuff, albeit at a very strange angle.

It looks as though the concept uses individual octagon sections that can be made into different patterns to suit a room. I can certainly see these things selling well if they ever came to market. I would also think a DIY type with some wood working ability could build their own version.

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