iMacs getting processor upgrade too?

James Allan Brady - Feb 25, 2008

So we all know that Apple hasn’t updated their precious MacBook Pro line in quite sometime, nor have they updated their MacBooks any time recently, so updates for both are likely on their way. The catch is, whatever processor/graphics/FSB the MacBook Pros are using/have usually gets passed on to the iMacs.

So, chances are, when Apple upgrades their MBPs the iMacs will receive the Penryn upgrade as well. For the MBPs you’ll also be able to look for keyboard and trackpad updates allowing similar multi-touch functionality as the MacBook Air.

The only thing we aren’t sure of is whether we’ll see these upgrades at the rumored end-of-February thing or if we’ll see them at the Mid-March thing. If its at the end of February, you can probably only expect to see the processor, keyboard, and trackpad updates, if its Mid-March, the MBP might get a complete overhaul.

[via 9to5mac]

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