iMac Pro 2022 release gets some disappointing news

It seems that the expected revival of the iMac Pro brand is not as close as we initially thought. According to display analyst Ross Young, the new Apple iMac Pro is not likely to launch until later in the summer or even the fall of 2022. It is now expected that the iMac Pros may start shipping around August or September 2022, which is a considerable delay compared to previous predictions. Young suggested that while the iMac Pro panels may start shipping as early as June, the product itself may not hit the shelves until later in the year. 

The initial spring launch was the subject of speculation and various rumors, although most of it came from credible sources. Young himself predicted the release of the iMac Pro with a mini-LED display, and in December 2021, he stated that the iMac Pro would launch in the spring. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said much the same. However, Gurman now predicts that the iMac Pro may not be on Apple's agenda for its upcoming spring launch event.

Apple iMac Pro 2022: Rumors and predictions

Rumors across the board are pretty consistent: the 2022 version of the iMac Pro may usher in considerable upgrades. Gurman and Young have both mentioned that the new iMac Pro may use mini-LED technology in its display. Mini-LED displays utilize thousands of tiny backlights and are generally an improvement over traditional LCD screens.

Using mini-LEDs in the new iMac Pro should provide excellent visuals, including deeper contrasts and increased brightness. However, according to Young's tweet, Apple may not be going all-out on the mini-LEDs in this iMac. Young suspects that while mini-LEDs will still be present, they will be fewer than in the latest iPads and MacBook Pros.

What does that mean for the iMac Pro? Not much — it's still likely to have a vibrant, beautiful display to match Apple's other products. Unsurprisingly, the new iMac is also likely to be one powerful computer, as Gurman believes it will be decked out with a variation of Apple's highly successful M1 Max and M1 Pro chips.

The upcoming iMac Pro may be the direct replacement to the (now retired) iMac Pro Intel-based line, this time around with Apple's own silicon. 9to5Mac speculates that instead of using the M1 Max/Pro chips found in the current MacBook Pros, Apple may equip the premium 27-inch iMac Pro with an M2 chip to offer even better performance than before. Of course, all of this remains speculation until Apple itself (possibly) announces the new iMac later this year.