i'm Watch claims be the world's first real smartwatch

Ever since the rumor started floating around that Apple was working on its own smartwatch, companies have been rushing to get competing products to the market ahead of Apple. Some of the smartwatches that had turned up have been very interesting. Another new watch has turned up called the I'm Watch and bills itself as the world's first real smartwatch.

The watch is currently on sale for $349 and is available for purchase now. The normal retail price is $449. The watch features Bluetooth connectivity and allows users to see calls, text messages, e-mails, and other notifications directly on the watch face. Users can answer or decline calls right from the face of the watch and the watch has a built-in speaker allowing you to use it as a speakerphone.

The watch is designed to run multiple apps directly on the watch face ranging from playlists to a digital compass to various games. The watch comes with various band styles the user can choose from the color collection, tech collection, or jewel collection. The jewel collection is available in silver or gold. The watch measures 15 mm thick by 37 mm tall by 37 mm wide.

It has an integrated rechargeable battery promises 48 to 72 hours of standby time and actual talk time depends on usage. The watch has integrated GSM connectivity allowing it to operate on a mobile network without a smartphone. It also has built-in GPS and a lot more. The price of $349 is for the color collection. The tech collection is available in titanium or black titanium and starts at $1049. The Jewel collection is available with a silver case, yellow gold case, white gold case, pink gold case, and white gold with diamonds. Pricing starts at $1999 and goes up to slightly under $20,000 for the diamond encrusted version.

[via imsmart]