iLoupe Digital Microscope Camera

Fascinated by microorganisms in your toilet bowl water or the tips of your hair follicles? So fascinated you wish you could capture them digitally on camera? Aven's new iLoupe digital camera will do just that. This digital microscope camera has interchangeable lenses that can achieve magnifications from 60x up to 150x. Don't be fooled by its colorful exterior, as it is not intended for the kids. The company is actually targeting forensics investigators and other professionals who may need to examine things in great detail while out on the field. Essentially a Canon SD600 6-megapixel camera with adapter ring and special lenses, the iLoupe will come in two packages available for the Starter and the Pro. The Pro package gets two additional lenses. Pricing has not yet been announced.

iLoupe is a powerful digital microscope [Via: MobileMag]