iLife '08 is introduced

Hardware isn't the only thing Steve is talking about today, he's also introducing iLife '08. This is going to be the biggest change in iLife since it was introduced.

He's covering the 6 major points of new new iLife. The first is Events. This will help you to sort through those thousands of pictures by creating "events" rather than albums. All of your pics will be automatically sorted into events based on the day they were taken. That way you don't have to sift and sort. If you've got an event that lasts through the night and into the next day you can always split and merge events.

Next is the ability to hide photos. Perhaps you want to get rid of a picture, but you don't really want it gone. Just hide it and pretend it's not there. You can always go back and find them again. You've also got more powerful editing tools, theme-based photo printing and new books and calendars.

Steve did a brief demo of these new features. While we can't show you just how cool it was, Vincent has assured me that it's going to be a piece of cake to use.

Photo credit : Gizmodo, Thanks Brian!