iKit unveils new iPhone 4 NuCharge Case

Shane McGlaun - Feb 3, 2011
iKit unveils new iPhone 4 NuCharge Case

iKit has been a busy little beaver this month so far with the unveiling of several new products for smartphones and car charging already. iKit is back with a new battery case for the iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4 NuCharge Case. This case has an interesting little touch that isn’t included on a lot of the other battery cases for the iPhone 4 on the market already.

The case has a 1400mAh battery inside that can be turned on and off. The front of the case has a blue LED indicator to show you how much power is left in the battery. Charging of the case battery and the internal battery of the iPhone is done via a USB cable.

The charge and sync port is blocked with the case, which is how most battery cases on the market work. The NuCharge is very thin at 6mm thick and weighs only two ounces. The nice little touch iKit adds is a small kickstand on the back of the case that will prop it up for watching video in landscape. The case is up for pre-order right now with shipments in March for $64.95.

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