IKEA To Sell Cheap Solar Panels, Other Eco-Tech

IKEA is known for their cheap furniture. And while their products may not be high-end, they get the job done. IKEA can afford to offer furniture so cheaply because they significantly cut costs by flat-packing their products which reduces shipping and storage prices. The only sacrifice is that you have to put the furniture together yourself.


IKEA is now going to apply this same cost-cutting strategies to solar panels. Greentech, an IKEA spinoff company, will invest $75 million in solar companies, with hopes that the big blue box company will start selling the panels within the next two to four years.

Other environmentally-friendly technologies will also be sold from IKEA, including water-saving devices. This is excellent news for green technology. And if the prices of solar panels really do go down, maybe regular people will finally be able to afford them.

[via Gadget Lab at Wired.com]