Ikea PS - a simple solution to a larger issue

Chances are if you aren't making a lot of money then you are already familiar with Ikea, whether it's because of their low prices, or the fact that everything they make will save you countless amounts of space in what is likely an already tight living space. The PS is no different offering a wall-mountable pop-out desk area for your notebook.

For several years I had a laptop as my primary computer the only issue I really had with this arrangement were that the two places I could use it were the kitchen table or my bed, I didn't have a dedicated desk space. Now that I have a desktop and a full sized desk I kind of wish I only had a laptop and one of these things.

Essentially it's a cabinet that looks kind of like a locker (got to ventilate the heat somehow)and folds out to offer up some organized work space for your laptop, it's even lockable so you can store your laptop inside it. Not a bad deal for $39. If you could manage to build it into the wall and flush mount it that would be even better, but a lot more work too.

[via PSFK]