iHome Announces the iHMP5 Headphones

Do you remember a time when the only headphones anyone could get, were the big ones that covered our ears? We know, we know, that seems like ancient history, but apparently there must be some kind of market for those things somewhere, because iHome has just released another pair of bright red, over-the-ears kind. Take a gander, if you want to feel like you're part of history or something.

Now, there has to be some innovation with these things, or who would go out and buy them, right? Right. So, iHome went ahead and put an in-line amplifier in these bad boys, which means if you get tired of wearing them on your head (but you wouldn't do that, right?), you can set them down and turn them into portable speakers. The iHMP5 comes with a battery-powered, louder amplifier as well when users do want to set it up in speaker-mode, so that power is reduced when using it in private, "normal" mode. The nearly 2 inch drivers provide the sound, and luckily enough there is an extra volume clip just in case you need to have a bit more control.

We're not sure if it should be all that surprising, but the iHMP5 comes standard with a 3.5mm headphone jack. And, we're also happy to report that red isn't the only color: it also comes in blue and silver. So if you're just dying to get your hands on these things, so you can blare music everywhere you go, they're available for purchase now, at a reasonably priced $70.

[via iPodnn]