iGills waterproof case lets you go diving with your iPhone

People who have a fear of being separated from their iPhones can pretty much rest easy with the iGills SE-35 waterproof case, for those moments you need to go diving to depths of 40 minutes with an iPhone. The polycarbonate case actually turns any iPhone into an underwater video camera or still camera and can keep track of how long you need before it's time to get back to the surface.

The case is built with a reinforced glass lens porthole on the back of it and also features depth and temperature sensors. Of course, the fact that you can't use the touchscreen at 40 feet underwater is a bit of an inconvenience, which is why the iGills comes with a set of its own buttons to be used to operate its all-in-one app for depth and temperature measurement.

With it, you can track depth, time spent underwater, levels of nitrox to ensure safe returns to the surface and you can even set up alarms for oxygen supply level alerts. To make it all work, you have to actually pre-program the app with the details before you set off to go diving since it has no way of being tied into your diving equipment or oxygen tank. The iGills is available on its official site for a price of $330.

[via Gizmodo Australia]