iFixit tears down new iMac

The new iMac computer surfaced just yesterday and we talked all about the new features and hardware in depth. Naturally today iFixit has its warranty busting paws on one of the awesome computer. It has taken the thing apart for us to get as look at the shiny innards. I always wonder if these things work after iFixit tears them apart.

If you have been following the new iMac machine, you already know what the things are about. The new specs include Thunderbolt ports and refreshed Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors. The new hardware was crammed inside that screen we are already familiar with. It's worth noting that the big 27-inch model even gets a pair of Thunderbolt ports. It's cool to see how placed in the innards of the machine are in the main photo here. You can see the CPU, optical drive, and several of the cooling fans.

The LCD screen in the unit that iFixit tore up is made by LG and is the same one that was used in previous generations of the machine. The teardown has revealed that the machine has PCIe and the DisplayPort each get their own 10 Gbps data channel so they won't compete for bandwidth. The teardown pulls out the oddly shaped mainboard and other gear until nothing is left inside the shell of the iMac. Check it out for yourself for all the iMac porn you can stomach.