iFixit now has an Android DIY repair portal

Nate Swanner - Feb 18, 2015, 1:09pm CST
iFixit now has an Android DIY repair portal

When new devices come out, we often look to iFixit for the lowdown on what’s under the hood. We also look to them for guidance on best practices for fixing things, or at least how much we can expect to spend for someone else to do it. For the DIY repair crowd, though, the site is an invaluable tool, and just became a lot more useful. Now, the iFixit crew has an Android portal, so you can repair your cracked Android everything.

Well, just about everything. The portal currently covers quite a few different models, and has “hundreds” of guides for repairs. The iFixit crew is also selling parts for about 12 of the more popular phones and tablets currently in circulation.

There are already guides for over 250 phones and tablets, and iFixit says they’re working with “technical writing students at 40 universities around the US to write more Android repair guides.” They are also hinting at some partnerships in the works.

The Android portal isn’t just phones and tablets, though. You can also get repair info for Android Wear devices, as well as repair info for your Chromecast and Google TV or Nexus Q. Because everyone has a Nexus Q, right?

If you want to help out, iFixit does allow you to write your own guide. If you’re not that savvy, you can also donate a phone to the iFixit team so they can tinker with it.

Source: iFixit

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