IFA 2007 - LG shows off Pause & Play TVs with integrated DVR functions

DVRs have almost become commonplace in most households. I personally don't know if I could watch TV without one ever again. I hate flipping through channels to find something good, and I especially hate watching really bad commercials. Since many people are using DVRs, why not just integrate that function into your TV? That's exactly what LG is thinking.

LG has announced their new line of Pause & Play TVs for the European market today. While I myself am not from Europe and have never heard of Freeview Playback certification, that's a pretty much the standard certification for DVR systems on that side of the pond. LG has gone out of their way to make sure their latest line of TVs obtained the certification.

LG will be releasing 32, 37 and 42-inch LCD TVs as well as 42 and 50-inch plasma TVs that bear the certification soon.