If your scooter needs tunes...

Where I live you see a lot of teenagers driving around scooters. I'm not sure if it's because their parents won't let them get a car (my first car cost less than some of those things, so I know that's not it) or they don't realize how funny they look riding around on something that sounds like a hairdryer.

Apparently, over in Japan there are a lot of people that ride these. Presumably for different reasons than the people in my neighborhood. One thing that scooters lack is a music system. Clarion has developed a CD player just for scooters. The kicker is that it's "drip-proof". Though I'm not exactly how much water constitutes more than a "drip."

My big question is why they don't just use an mp3 player? The good thing about mp3 players is that they fit nicely in your pocket. Chances are, if it's in your pocket, it's not going to get wet, and no one is going to snatch it when you're in the store.

CD player for scooter culture [via crave]