IDrive Facebook Backup saves your pics and video to the cloud

When it comes to taking pictures of family and friends, a huge number of people rely on snapping the pics with their smartphone or tablet and uploading them to Facebook. While Facebook is online and makes for a relatively safe place to store your photos, you should still back up the photos since they often can't be replaced.

An online backup provider called IDrive has announced a new back up feature designed specifically for Facebook. There are other backup services that cater to Facebook users, but most of them will only backup your pics and video to the local machine.

IDrvie offers the ability to back up your Facebook photos and video to the cloud. The service backs up all of your photos, videos, and albums. The big draw here is that if you have pics that other people took and tagged you in, the service will back those up too.

Once they are backed up if your friend removes the tags allowing you to see the pics, unfriends you, or deletes their account, the pictures are still saved. The service is designed to back up photos incrementally to speed the process. The first backup will save everything and thereafter, only new content is backed up. The Facebook Backup service is available at no additional cost with an IDrive membership starting $34.95 yearly for a personal 150GB account and $69.65 yearly for a 100GB business account.