Idiot gets stuck in manhole trying to retrieve mobile phone

How do I even start this? If stupid was an Olympic sport this dude would be the Michael Phelps of idiots. You have to watch the whole video below see the dude's injuries for yourself and then decide how legit his story is. I'm calling BS. To the dude stuck in a storm drain, think up a better lie to avoid embarrassment next time or better yet, just stay off the news.

I would have understood if you said you had just landed the number to the hottest chick in the bar, you were too drunk to drive so you walked home, and dropped your phone in the drain and had to get it back. I think most guys would have went after it, possibly without so much verve. Dreaming up a convoluted story about gang members, your buddies house a few doors down, and needing the phone to call for help doesn't fly with my BS detector.

The funniest part of that entire video is when he starts showing his injuries and blaming them on the gang beating he took before diving into the manhole. Dude, all of those injuries and scrapes are right where an idiot diving into a manhole would have been cut up. I can't believe the dude had the stones to go on live TV news after that. The pic you see here is what the police saw when they showed up. If anything ever deserved the Picard meme, this is it.

[via BuzzFeed]