iDevices adds Google Assistant support for its smart home products

That's probably one of the most ironic things you'll hear. A brand that is so easily associated with Apple's ecosystem is adding support for an exclusive Google product. But don't let the name fool you. iDevices line of connected home products is actually compatible with more than just Apple's HomeKit platform. In fact, with Google Home now in the bag, its smart switches and sockets now support Apple's, Amazon's, and Google's smart assistants.

One of the current problems with the smart home scene is the myriad of platforms and languages available. And now even giants like Apple and Google have jumped into the market, bringing their own voice-activated smart assistants along for the ride. Fortunately for iDevices owners, they don't have to worry about which one to use.

iDevices made a name for itself with smart home devices that didn't need a dedicated hub to function. That fits in perfectly with things like HomeKit and Google Home, as those practically become such hubs. iDevices owners need just to enable the assistant in the mobile app and controlling appliances, switches, and devices is as easy as saying "OK Google". Or "Hey Siri", if you prefer.

Setting up the connection between Google Assistant and iDevices is also simple. Just download the iDevices Connected app and enable Google Assistant integration in that app. Then head on over to the Google Home app to add the iDevices service. This works whether you have a Google Home or just a Google Pixel phone.

With Google Assistant, iDevices becomes one of the first in the connected home market to support Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant at no extra cost. Even better, iDevices' products, like the Socket and Switch, can make any appliance smart so you won't have to replace your favorite appliances just to get into smart home trend.