IDENT Technology Gesture Remote Features Gesture-Controlled Channel Surfing

As you look at your living room table, there's a chance that you see a couple, or maybe even a few, remotes lying there. Or, maybe you can't even find one of your remotes, for whatever reason, and your TV's been on for the last couple of days. That could be solved if there really was only one remote to rule all of your needs — so maybe this design concept, called the Gesture Remote, will get the job done.

Having a universal remote is one thing, but sometimes you just don't have enough buttons on the thing to make sure that all of your needs are taken care of. The Gesture Remote is designed to handle all of your needs, in one stylish body, but do it without the need of buttons of any kind. You don't even have numbers. You'll use advanced gesture motions, and utilize the touch-technology therein, to channel surf, or pause, play, rewind, or fast forward whatever it is your watching.

That is, if your home set-up supports all of that. Just because you have the remote, doesn't mean you've got what it takes to make any of that happen, mind you. The concept is pretty cool, sure, but we are wondering how you'd select channels quickly. You used to just push the channel number, and get there pretty quickly. Would we have to flick our way down the list to get to our favorite episode? We certainly hope not.

[via GearLog]