iCamPRO home security "robot" is an all-seeing eye

Amaryllo has introduced its iCamPro FHD, something it says is the first home security robot available. The small round unit features an integrated camera that keeps tabs on one's home or office, monitoring movement, sounds, and more to detect if an intruder is present. The related app is used to communicate with the home owner with picture alerts and more. Last month, the device was bestowed with a 2015 CES Best of Innovations award, and if all goes as planned it'll hit the market next year.

The iCamPro is small enough to fit on one's palm, and connects to a local wireless network to help facilitate its various smart features, including video uploads directly to Google Drive. The camera comes in at 2-megapixels and records Full HD video, with dynamic channel adjustment downgrading when needed based on bandwidth.

The lens provides a wide viewing angle without distortion, and promises to stream both video and audio without any delays or stuttering. There's 256-bit encryption, a mechanized infrared-cut filter, support for both Android and iOS, and more.

The company behind iCamPro sought $1,000 USD on Indiegogo, where it has exceeded that goal with about $12,300 USD raised and 30 days remaining. To get one of the "super early" units in white, you'll need to pledge $149 USD. Shipping is worldwide, and slated for May 2015.

SOURCE: Indiegogo