Icahn wants Apple to make good on Jobs' TV vision

In his "interesting" open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, investor and Tyranny-fighter Carl Icahn laid out his views on Apple's current pipeline of products. Waxing poetic on the Apple Watch and iPhone are one thing, but Icahn is calling on Apple to go bigger. Literally. If he had his way, Apple would be everywhere in your home, including your living room. Icahn is calling on Apple to make an "Ultra HD" TV, and he wants it to drop sometime in FY 2016.

The letter outlines Apple's "big opportunity" with a TV set, where Icahn thinks they can set the standard for the market. He forecasts Apple would sell 12 million 55-inch and 65-inch TV sets in 2016 alone, and as much as 25 million in 2017. The average price for those TV sets? Icahn thinks $1,500 is a good median price.

The letter seems to be trying to get Apple to make good on Steve Jobs' vision for TV. In his biography, penned by Walter Isaacson, Jobs said an Apple TV would be linked to iCloud, all of your devices, and have "the simplest user interface you could imagine".

The problem with Icahn's vision? It exists in the current Apple TV set-top box. With the recent HomeKit inclusion, Apple TV has made good on that vision of a connected platform and iCloud integration. The interface is also pretty simple — and it's not $1,500.

Of course, Icahn tempered his call to arms by saying "Apple has not announced plans for a TV set and may never do so". That's because — you know what, never-mind. Just go away, Carl.

Source: Carl Icahn