IC Social Communicaton Tool Makes Communicating to Loved Ones Easy

Keeping in touch with people that you know can be pretty easy now-a-days. After all, you probably have at least a couple of devices on you at all times that can get in touch with someone, somewhere at any given moment. But, as technology continues to progress, it may seem like some of the older folks out there are getting left in the dust. And while we know that there's plenty of "old timers" out there that can use today's gadgets just fine, sometimes you just want something simple and intuitive enough to make talking to your grandmother or grandfather uncomplicated.

That's where the IC Social Communication Tool comes in. Yeah, it has a long name, but that doesn't mean it's a complicated tool. It's just a concept right now, based on a project by a guy named Mikael. It's designed to be "dummy proof," and specifically meant to make electronic communication easier. Basically, you put in a contact, put all the relevant information you have about that contact (like phone number, email address, and social networking details), and then the device itself will just make it a one-click process to get to your favorite communication means.

Connectivity wise, the IC Social Communication Tool is going to have built-in 4G, which means that if you get this bad boy as a permanent placement in your house, you won't need any further installation. As you can clearly see in the image, it's meant to have a touchscreen display, which should make navigation super easy. And if that conceptualized graphic is any indicator, then it probably doesn't get any simpler than that. No word on when Mikael wants this to go public, but obviously 4G needs to be a bit more widespread, before it can really make a different.

[via Ubergizmo]