iBUYPOWER tosses three new AMD Radeon 6800 powered desktops for gamers into limelight

When it comes to gaming computers more choice is always a good thing. Gaming PC maker iBUYPOWER has announced three new gaming desktops for gamers of all varieties that are interesting in the new AMD Radeon 6800 series video cards that launched last week.

The new machines include the Gamer Mage D295 desktop that is packed inside a cool Thremaltake V9 chassis and has a liquid cooled AMD Athlon II X4 640 CPU. The machine also has 4GB of RAM, and an AMD HD 6850 video card along with a Blu-ray drive and more starting at $899. For gamers with a larger budget there is the new Gamer Mage D335 with a liquid cooled AMD X6 1055T 6-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, AMD HD 6870 graphics, 1TB of Storage, and a 64GB SSD.

The machine is packed in a PSI CyborgX chassis with a price starting at $1,239. The final new machine is the Gamer Paladin F820 using a NZXT Guardian 921 R gaming case and having a price of $1369 with an Intel Core i7 950 CPU, 6GB of RAM, and HD 6870 graphics along with 1TB of storage.