iBUYPOWER offers new advanced professional wiring services on desktops

I haven't purchased a desktop computer in years; I like to build my own. One of the things I don't really do a good job of is routing the wires that I don't use inside the machine. My routing job usually consists of cramming the extra wires into the vacant 5.25-inch bays in the front of the computer.

If you aren't the roll your own type, iBUYPOWER has a bunch of different desktop computers designed to suit different needs from gaming to media use. The company has announced that it is now offering a professional wiring upgrade that makes the inside of your rig look as good as the outside with wire routing.

Routing of the wires is important for cooling, but on PCs with side windows wire routing also makes the machine look better as well. The company uses individual sleeves on the 24-pin system power plug, 8-pin CPU power, and SATA power connectors for an extra $19. That is actually very cheap.