iBUYPOWER kills helpless laptop to prove SSD strength

We all know that the SSD has many benefits when compared to a traditional HDD. One of those benefits is speed. You get faster boot times and your apps load faster from a SSD. Another big benefit from a SSD is longer battery life, but the SSD is also much more robust than a HDD.

It's common when a notebook is dropped for the machine itself to survive the fall, but the traditional HDD inside can be damaged rendering any data on the drive inaccessible. iBUYPOWER has put a corny video up on YouTube to prove how strong the Intel SSDs it offers as options are.

The notebook was dropped from about waist height to start with and the machine and SSD were fine afterwards. Not satisfied, the guys went to the roof and dropped the notebook onto its edge from a single story up. The notebook was seriously killed. The SSD on the other hand worked just fine in a desktop docking station. Check out the YouTube video below.