iBuyPower Battalion Touch laptop deals battle wound

iBuyPower surely didn't expect a name could really be so, well, striking.  One of the brave reviewers at Laptop Magazine has been left a nasty cut by the company's Battalion laptop, (the Touch CZ-10), due to the peeling off of the computer's sharp-edged aluminum logo.

iBuyPower claims that fewer than 1 percent of recently shipped systems use the same labeling, and after some investigation, it has since ended the practice of using the  aluminum logo in favor of a plate-style label with rounded edges.  Perhaps a name change too?

Seeing that the Battalion would have left you a grand lighter, there's no point in getting a second, physical cut (only this time not your wallet). If you already own one, go ahead and contact iBuyPower support for a less-dangerous logo.

[Laptop Magazine]