IBM Power7-based computer hits 10 million transactions per minute

IBM is really big in the enterprise computing environment .The company makes some of the fastest supercomputers on the market and has some of the faster enterprise level server systems as well. IBM has announced that a Power7-based computer using IBM DB2 database software has reached a milestone in performance.

The machine has broken all previous records according to IBM and hit over 10 million transactions per minute using the industry standard TPC performance benchmark. IBM reports that its machine using Power systems configuration with DB2 hit 10,366,254 tpmC.

That number is 2.5 times higher than HPs best result and shows a 69% higher performance per core for IBMs rig. IBM also claims that its score is 35% better than Oracle's best performance with 2.7 times more performance per core. IBM now has the largest ePeen in the world.