iBike Dash cycling computer turns your iPhone into fitness device

For many of the folks out there getting fit this year was probably right up there at the top of the list of resolutions. If getting fit for you involves riding a bike you might want to check out this cool new cycling computer to help you get fit called the iBike Dash CC. The system claims to work with any iPhone or iPod touch and uses a free app.

The CC (cycling computer) weighs 3.2 ounces and can measure your speed, power, heart rate, wind speed, time, trip, elevation, and calories burned. The app has a HR pacing meter to help you keep your heart rate within the ideal zone for weight loss.

The device has 50 power-based heart rate zone workouts, has an ANT+ speed sensor with optional sensor for cadence and heart rate, user customizable screens for the app and it uses the iPhone GPS for map and weather capabilities. The Phone Booth case connects to the bike is water resistant and absorbs shock. The device is available right now for $199 for the basic version and the full version with sensors for cadence and heart rate is $329.