i-SODOG robotic canine obeys your smartphone

Major Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy is developing a new breed of robotic dogs. Similar to the company's i-SOBOT humanoid robot, the i-SODOG also features several joints fitted with custom designed servo motors and comes with a dedicated remote control. However, the i-SODOG can also be controlled via your smartphone.

The Omnibot i-SODOG features realistic movement through 15 custom servo motors. It also features voice recognition and motion sensors for understanding hand signals. It comes with a dedicated remote control but can also be controlled via a smartphone, likely through a Bluetooth connection.

Pricing for the i-SODOG hasn't been revealed yet but it's expected to arrive sometime in 2013. The i-SOBOT was priced at around 31,500 Japanese yen or close to $400 USD. The i-SODOG will likely be priced similarly.

[via Robot Dreams]