I hate to say it, but we told you so - Apple goes after sites using the iPhone trademark in their name

Remember way back in May (I know, I've slept since then too) when our sister site had to change its name from MYiPhone to MYiTablet? This was prompted by a brief meeting our own Vincent had with Steve Jobs where he was told to change the name because Apple has "a team of lawyers to go after that kind of stuff." We tried to warn the other sites using the iPhone name to get out while the getting was good. Those of you that didn't heed our warning are likely sweating bullets today.

It was only a matter of time, really. When Steve Jobs tells you that they'll come after your domain name, then you should really listen. Sites such as ModMyiPhone & EverythingiPhone, have gotten their official letters from Apple's legal team. You can always try to fight the man, but I doubt you'll get far. Some sites are changing their names to use "iFone" rather than "iPhone," but one has to wonder if Apple still won't go after them for sounding too similar.

I still think that it's a bit sad that companies like Apple will go after fan sites that actually promote their products. These sites aren't trying to find confusion, or cash in on Apple's empire, but rather they're a banding together of enthusiasts that love to share knowledge and experiences.