i-eX Gaming Chair is a beanbag for adults

When I was a kid, I thought beanbag chairs were the coolest thing ever. I had a few of them in my room until I busted them and ended up with little foam beads all over the place and a week being grounded to reflect on what not to do with bean bags in the future. Beanbag chars have certainly changed since my youth and a company called i-eX has a new beanbag chair aimed at gamers.

The chair carries the motto "All Game, no pain" which is a big deal because if you have sat in a beanbag chair as an adult, you know how uncomfortable they typically are. The i-eX gaming chair has a beanbag style base with an ergonomic design that provides support for the next and back.

The chair is designed to fit adults up to six feet tall and kids of all sizes. The i-eX gaming chair comes in black with lime green or silver piping and will be on the market in time for holiday shopping. The device will retail for GBP99.99 and there is no word on the device making it to America.