I-Dog Soft Speaker is cuddly way to listen to music

Most of you have probably heard of the I-Dog. It's a plastic speaker in the shape of a dog. Pretty self explanatory. But now, there is an I-Dog Soft Speaker that takes the premise of the original doggie speaker and turns it into something warm, cuddly and all the more puppy-like.

This new speaker is definitely snuggle-worthy. It sports the same design as the original I-Dog, including the blinking LED lights on its face that let you know its mood and wiggly ears that keep in time with the music.

However, the I-Dog Soft Speaker definitely has an advantage over the original product. And that's the simple fact that you can give this one a big ol' hug if you wanted to. Not that many people would want to do that, but hey, it's nice to have that option. I could see this being especially useful if you want to listen to music in bed but don't want to deal with accidentally rolling over on a boxy, plastic speaker. You can get the I-Dog Soft Speaker now for $34.99.