i.am+ EPs Bluetooth earphones land as Apple Store exclusive

Music fans probably recognize the name will.i.am, he is more than a musician these days with his own i.am technology company. i.am has launched a new set of premium earphones called the i.am+ EPs that aim to be different in a market that is packed with mostly sports solutions. The hallmark of the design for the EPs is a shape supposed to remind fans of vinyl records.

The EPs have a circular design made from spun metal and paired with a woven fabric cord. The EPs are light and are meant to be comfortable for all day use. The EPs are offered in black or gold colors and when the earphones aren't being used, they magnetically click in place around the neck so they are ready to be used for answering calls when needed.

EPs have a 30-foot Bluetooth range, integrated remote control, and a microphone for making and receiving phone calls. Deep bass and superior sound are the main goal from the EPs along with continuous access to music and content. i.am+ EPs are compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and anything else that can stream Bluetooth music. They have 14mm drivers inside and support aptX.

The integrated remote is an A2DP controller and the internal battery is good for six hours of use per charge. Charging is accomplished with a microUSB cable. Being a premium product, you should expect a premium price and the EPs start at $229.95. These is no indication of when or if the products will be offered outside Apple Stores, but they are available online from Apple. There is no indication of sweat resistance with the EPs, anyone wearing these for workouts should beware of that fact.