Hyundai unveils HCD-14 concept at North American International Auto Show

Shane McGlaun - Jan 15, 2013
Hyundai unveils HCD-14 concept at North American International Auto Show

Hyundai is unveiling a new concept car at the 2013 N. American International Auto Show. The concept car shows the design direction that Hyundai will be taking in the future for its premium vehicles. The car is the HCD-14 Genesis concept.

The car has an interesting and very angular design, which is a departure from many of the vehicles we see on the roads today. Most vehicles on the roads have lots of curves whereas the HCD-14 concept as straight and sharp lines. I particularly like that has no door handles.


Hyundai says that the concept car conveys a “fluidic-precision, liquid-metal design language.” The car has a straight and angular front fascia with a brushed metal grill that has deep openings. The design also has an extended dash to axle length, short overhangs, large diameter wheels, and a sharply tapered greenhouse. The design is intended to give the silhouette of a classic rear-drive sports sedan.

The car reminds me of a modernized version of the classic Lincoln with rear suicide doors. The rear doors of the concept are rear-hinged, meaning they open the opposite direction of the front doors. Inside the car, Hyundai uses a mix of analog and digital gauges to provide the driver with data. The vehicle also has an iPad storage station in the center console. The power plant for the concept is the Hyundai Tau V8 mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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