Hyundai Genesis recall expanded from US into South Korea

Yesterday, Hyundai revealed that it had recalled about 27,500 of its Genesis sedans, something related to a brake problem it had already been working to fix. The NHTSA had opened a preliminary investigation into the matter following several reports of brake problems and crashes, something that ultimately prompted the recall of the rest of the cars.

The original recall had only been for models located in the United States, which the auto maker will fix next month at dealerships following letters sent to owners of the affected cars. Today, Reuters is reporting that the auto maker is expanding this recall to other regions where the cars were sold, particularly in South Korea, where the car has sold in large numbers.

No information was given about other regions, nor the number of vehicles that were recalled in South Korea and other places. The reason for the recall concerns a brake problem that can result in loss of brake fluid and other issues. The auto maker has been fixing this problem in cars as they're brought to the dealership, but will expedite the process by recalling the vehicles.

According to the NHTSA, 23 reports were received concerning problems with the quality of the brakes, with some drivers unfortunately suffering crashes or loss of vehicle control due to the problem. Some drivers who had the vehicle examined report the problem as being a faulty antilock brake system module.

SOURCE: Reuters