Hyundai DAL-e AI-powered robot provides automated customer service

Automaker Hyundai has a new employee working in one of its showrooms in Seoul, Korea. The employee is an AI-powered automated robot called DAL-e that provides customer services at the showroom. The automaker says it plans to adopt the robot in diverse operating environments.DAL-e has integrated language processing, facial recognition, and automated mobility capability allowing it to provide wall-to-wall services during the pandemic. DAL-e is an acronym for "Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience." Its communication system uses a language-comprehension platform, and the designer says it can offer automated customer services at any time.

The robot is a messenger capable of delivering consistent messages to consumers in a more intimate and personal way than traditional robots. DAL-e will receive continuous updates and improvements to provide a fresh experience to customers in a contact-free environment. Hyundai wants DAL-e to engage with customers in a smooth and entertaining way allowing the robot to present services to the customer.

The robot debuted today at the Hyundai Motor showroom in Southern Seoul. The dealership is the pilot operation for the robot, and after the pilot is completed, the robot will be used in various fields requiring interactions with customers. The after pilot operations will include use in other Kia and Hyundai showrooms.

The robot's design is based on a truncated humanoid body that measures 1160 x 600 x 600mm and weighs 80 kilograms. Hyundai says it is significantly lighter and more compact than other customer service and guides robots available on the market. The robot has four omnidirectional wheels and can connect wirelessly to a large display screen at the venue. The design also features moving arms allowing for gesture feedback. There is no indication of how long the pilot program will last before it's rolled out to other locations.