HyperOS HyperDrive 4

Do you require the fastest products available? Top of the line, high quality manufacturing and the best money can buy?

Well if you seem to have a near limitless supply of dough, HyperOS has what you seek, at least when it comes to your primary hard drive. I don't think that technically it's a hard drive since it stores all the data on a bunch of DDR sticks, but you get the idea.

This drive connects with either UltraATA/100 or SATA and is mighty fast. There are two models, the standard model, or the 32GB model, the standard model will support up to 16GB of DDR RAM sticks, and has 8 slots to do so, that model will cost you about $2500, the 32GB model, another $1750 on top of that. The memory for the drives will cost a small fortune as well if you are trying to max it out with 2GB sticks it will cost you in the neighborhood of $2040. However, your money is well spent if you can use the level of performance this things offer such as 115MB/s of sequential read performance with nearly zero access time required.

HyperDrive 4 redefines Solid State Storage [via Tom's Hardware]