Hyperlapse update adds selfies, but not Android

Instagram has updated Hyperlapse, their home-grown time-lapsing camera for iOS. With the update, you'll now get the ability to take drawn-out selfies using the front camera. Instragram is also continuing to brush Android off, but now we know why.

Via the update to iOS, Instagram makes it easy to share selfies, provided you're cool with sitting for a prolonged period of time to capture one. Of course, with Hyperlapse, you can also be on the go, and capture the world around you changing as you move. Via Instagram, here are some suggestions for use:

–Stand still and have a moving background (i.e. Times Square foot traffic, riding a roller coaster).

–Capture yourself walking down the street as your surroundings whirl by.

–Document transformations — getting a new haircut, applying makeup or tying a tie — by propping your phone up against a wall.

–Hold up your phone as you spin around in a chair, or jump on a trampoline

Those all sound like barrels of fun. Holding your phone out in front of you as you walk down the street is a bit odd, and holding it out while on a rollercoaster seems dangerous for the people below,but whatever. Sharing hasn't changed, though — you're still very Instagram/Facebook centric.

Many were hoping Instagram would bring their Hyperlapse app to Android, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Speaking to The Verge, Instagram simply said "We hope to bring Hyperlapse to Android in the future. Unfortunately, the requisite APIs are not currently available on Android." From that, we can surmise Instagram built the app with iOS in mind, and left Android as an afterthought.

Source: iTunes

Via: The Verge