Hurt Locker returns to pain over 2500 pirates

If you are one of the folks that happened to have pirated the movie from Voltage Pictures called Hurt Locker and thought you were in the clear, you may have been wrong. The makers of the Hurt Locker film have returned and are targeting 2514 alleged pirates that downloaded the film via BitTorrent. The goal of the movie makers is to recuperate some of the millions of dollars they claim to have lost from pirating.

The movie company previously sued 24,583 people for alleged infringement at the same time. The case went on for close to two years, and we never found out exactly how many of those people settled with the company. Voltage Pictures filed the new suit in Florida against another 2514 unnamed defendants accusing all of them of downloading The Hurt Locker.

The suit was filed in an attempt to get a subpoena to order ISPs to reveal the identities of the people who the company believes downloaded the movie illegally. If the movie company can obtain the names of the downloaders, it will apparently seek somewhere around $3000 from each one of them. All of those subscribers are on Charter Communications.

[via Torrentfreak]