HummingBoard goes up for pre-order, takes on Raspberry Pi

SolidRun has put up a new device for pre-order, taking on the Raspberry Pi with its new HummingBoard computer. The ARM computer is available from the company's website starting at $45 USD, and includes a variety of ports, including powered USB.

The board computer is aimed at those who prefer to go the DIY route, offering the ability to run Android and various Linux distros — the uses are numerous, and include common things like setting up a media center. The entire unit is small enough to fit in your palm.

The HummingBoard offers a myriad of connectivity options, among them being up to four USB ports (depending on version), as well as a mini PCIe, HDMI, mSATA, Ethernet, GPIO pins, LVDS display out, both digital and analog audio, IR, and a camera interface.

Three different versions of the HummingBoard are available: the i1, i2, and i2eX. The i1 is the entry-level device, while the i2 doubles both the memory and processing power of that. The i2eX trumps them both, tossing in all the connectivity options listed above. The board computers are priced at $45, $75, and $100, respectively.

SOURCE: Liliputing