Humble Bundle just got acquired by IGN

Big things are ahead for Humble Bundle. The company revealed today that it has been bought out by gaming media giant IGN, one of the most recognizable gaming websites on the internet. From here on out, everyone's favorite indie charity bundle will be flying under the banner of IGN.

So, what does that mean as far as changes to the bundle? Nothing, it would seem. In its announcement post today, Humble Bundle said that things will continue as normal for Humble Bundle and the products it currently offers – it'll just have more resources at its disposal thanks to its new owner.

This, in turn, means that Humble Bundle envisions a future where it's able to raise more money for charity. For those unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, it started as a semi-regular offering of bundles of indie games to raise money for charity. Consumers could name their price for each bundle and even determine how much of their money went to charity, the developers, and the Humble Bundle organizers.

Ever since that first Humble Bundle launched years ago, the company has grown into something of a giant in the space. Humble Bundle is now a digital distribution storefront all its own, offering seasonal sales that can compete with Steam and even a subscription service that gives subscribers new games every month. With IGN backing it, Humble Bundle will be looking to branch out into game publishing as well.

It also looks forward to using IGN's resources to raise more money for charity. That shouldn't be too hard – Humble Bundle is already a very recognizable name among PC gamers, and with the kind of reach that IGN has, ramping up its fundraising goals shouldn't be any problem. What do you think of this freshly-announced merger? Head down to the comments section to share your thoughts.