Humble Bundle is offering a monthly serving of games

It seems that the days of Humble Bundle being simply the best way to grab indie games is officially over. Well, it has long "evolved" from that original goal but now it is entering into a new stage of business. Now it will also have a monthly subscription service of its own. Called, what else, the Humble Monthly, the digital distribution platform is gearing up to offer a random and secret assortment of games every month for a flat fee of $12. Of course, part of that still goes to charity.

Humble Bundle started out as the Humble Indie Bundle and pioneered a new way of selling games. Pay what you want for a number of titles, letting your generosity dictate your price. Since then, it has ventured out to sell other things, from non-indie games to mobile games and even e-books and comics. In short, it has practically become a digital distribution platform in its own right, with its own unique way of selling stuff.

Now it is embarking on a new adventure, putting a unique twist to the monthly subscription scheme. For $12 a month, you are assured to get a regular batch of games, pretty much like their own monthly Humble Bundle offers. The twist, however, is that you won't know what would be in those games until the day the games land. It's like those mystery loot bags you subscribe to, except in digital form. Given that the public doesn't really know what will go into the regular monthly or weekly Humble Bundle, it's not much of a change. The real difference is that you can't opt out per bundle here. You're either in or out, nothing in between.

Humble Bundle says that the games will unlock at 11:00 AM PST every first Friday of the month, so if you want to join the group, make sure you do it before then, otherwise you miss out on a whole month's worth of titles. And no, there is no buying previous bundles. You can cancel your subscription at any time, though the same advice applies. The games will be playable on PC via Steam, leaving Mac and Android users in limbo, though Humble Bundle hints sometimes there might be more.

As mention, the Humble Monthly costs $12 a month and part of the proceeds still go to charity. But unlike other bundles where you can either set how much goes to charity or have a fixed 10 percent cut, Humble Monthly has a fixed 5 percent split. That does mean that here, Humble Bundle gets more of the share.

Humble Monthly launches November 6.